The Duren Companies (TDC) is a consulting firm driven to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to become kingdom builders through their professions. With a strong focus on marketplace ministry, we bridge the gap between faith and work, transforming organizations for eternal impact.

Our services include speaking engagements, coaching, and custom consulting solutions for those seeking to align their work with their faith.


This may be the most exciting time of any engagement! We believe in a collaborative approach that allows your team to understand their mission in order to cast a vision, and our team an opportunity to extract brilliance from that vision in order discover the “art of possible.” You know your business better than anyone, and this Vision Assessment is the first step into building the future of your business.

Once the vision is cast and the concept begins to take form, we will work with your team to define the high-level roadmap / sketch that leads to your desired outcome. From the highly strategic to the immediate tactical actions, our team will outline and document the necessary components and steps to move your company’s vision forward.

In this phase, TDC works with your team to build a solution that will bring your vision to the marketplace. Consumers live in a noisy world. It does not matter how great a concept, vision or idea is if there is not a good model for message and delivery to the end user. Our team is well-known for our ability to effectively message and deliver solutions to clients. We will work with your team to craft your messaging and delivery so that your solution stands out in a sea of options.

TDC provides options for ongoing client support that best fits their needs. At TDC, we hope to build a longstanding relationship and will work with your team to determine the best support model after the project has been completed.

What We Believe

We believe God will raise up men and women across the workforce in our nation and abroad to stand in the gap between the secular and the sacred, becoming a bridge between the two.

We believe that today, we are living within the greatest story of all time. It is a story of redemption, sacrifice, and ultimately the love of a father.

We believe the world is full of organizational leaders with the heart to see the world come to know Jesus, and we will build new organizations founded on Kingdom principles that will serve as a platform to reach the wounded and the lost.

We believe that transforming organizations for eternal impact is our greatest opportunity to participate in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We believe sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is the responsibility of every Christian, and the marketplace is our greatest mission field.