Have you ever climbed the ladder of success only to find it leaning against the wrong dream? Are you only existing in the space between Who you are, What you do and WHY you do it? Do you wake up each and every morning only to meet someone else’s expectations for your life? It’s time for you to #rEDefine Success in your personal life, professional career, community service and relationships! As individuals, teams and organizations, far too often there is a gap between Who we are, What we do and why we do it. What happens when we stand against the status quo? Our lives and the lives of those we serve are changed forever!

Evans Duren, a top producer in both the Fortune 15 and Tech startup spaces since 2005, what started as a career in sales has turned into an undying passion to serve others in the marketplace. A natural storyteller, Evans brings his faith and wisdom that can only come from years of practicing his craft, observing and engaging his clients well after the sale, ultimately building genuine relationships that go beyond a transaction and blurring the line between the marketplace and personal life.

Evans is on mission to help others rEDefine success in their lives, as he has in his own, rather than live out someone else’s definitions, expectations and standards. His purpose is to serve others with a desire to stand alongside them in their victories. losses. struggles and triumphs. The true measure of success is living the unique life created for your, exhausting your gifts, skills and talents as you serve others around you. For most of us, that means walking alongside the people we engage each day in our businesses.

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