All speaking engagements can be customized regardless of client, location, industry, etc. The core theme revolves around rEDefine, with the purpose of encouraging attendees to examine how they define success in their lives and work towards stripping away the need to meet the definitions, standards and expectations they carry from other people.

  1. rEDefine Success (General) - Broader audience, tailored to the individual rather than the business.
  2. rEDefine Success (Business) - Focused around redefining how we approach our business, our clients and the responsibility we have to serve those who trust us as an extension of their team.
  3. CARE 2 Succeed - Audiences vary from individuals to businesses and beyond. This is a foundational discussion that examines our personal life, our career, relationships and service to others in order to pull them together into a single thread which is our lives
  4. My People Quota - This is a discussion designed for Sales Individuals, Teams and Organizations. Go beyond the quotas, revenues, margins, market share, etc. to see the value in the people we serve as we rEDefine sales.
  5. Faith Works - This discussion gets to the heart of Marketplace Ministry. Audiences include churches, faith-based groups, businesses operating with a faith mission, missions’ organizations, etc.


Individual Coaching

In this model, we define outcomes the Client would like to achieve each month as we move towards a larger objective.

Perfect for someone who is deemed successful by conventional standards but feels stuck and lacks fulfillment. Someone who is struggling to define passion and purpose or is looking to redefine success in various aspects of their life. We work to remove barriers and dive deeper into the issues keeping a Client from taking steps forward in pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Team and Organizational Coaching

This model is centered around building greater success as a team or organization. Focusing on the whole in addition to the individual, this is a customized offering that will assist any business in driving improved customer experience, goal setting for excellence over perfection, rEDefining success and standing out in a saturated market.

Content is delivered via in person workshops with the client and can be done onsite or remotely in a retreat setting.

* Both Individual & Team/Organizational Coaching can also incorporate one to three of my six-week programs. These are programs that I have built focused around redefining success in our person lives, careers, relationships and service to others. They include CARE 2 Succeed, My People Quota and Faith Works.


Evans will host quarterly retreats around the United States and abroad starting in March 2019. Attendees will cover airfare, and their retreat fees will cover lodging, retreat materials, food and other activities during the event. For more information, contact Evans and he will call you directly to discuss in more detail.